Fashion Travel Show "Shredded With Adam Saaks" And More...




"Shredded" With Curvy Top Model Gia Genvieve





"Shredded" London, UK





"Shredded" in Koh Samui, Thailand (Nikki Beach)





"Shredded" in London, Buckingham Palace





"Shredded" in LA With Kristina Tsvetkova





Adam Performs in Valenciennes, France





"Shredded" in Waikiki, Hawaii With @gypsyone Jenah Yamamoto





"Shredded" in Rome, Italy (Piazza Venezia)





"Shredded" Lamai Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand





"Shredded" Rome, Italy (The Colosseum) With Silvia Carruso





"Shredded" Rome, Italy with Natalia Barulich





"Shredded" (Curvy Episode) with Denise Bidot in Bermuda Island





Adam Cuts T-Shirt on Hong Kong TV





Adam Designs on Heidi Klum and Hana Nitsche for German TV





Adam on E! Television in Malaysia for Nivea





"Shredded" Official Teaser





"Shredded" Los Angeles, CA. with Top Model Kristina Tsvetkova





"Shredded" Feat. Alyssa Arce with Gregory Siff (Graffiti)





"Shredded" Chinese Pop Icon, Wei Wei





"Shredded" Los Angeles, CA. with Top Model Masha Rudenko





"Shredded" Dubai, UAE





"Shredded" with Brittany Mason





"Shredded" Bangkok, Thailand





"Shredded" Burj Al Arab - Dubai, UAE





"Shredded" Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok, Thailand





"Shredded" Hollywood, CA. with Top Model - Tika Camaj 





"Shredded" Nikki Beach - Koh Samui, Thailand





"Shredded" Cavalli Club - Dubai, UAE





"Shredded" Hollywood, USA





Adam Cuts  and Interviews on Turkish TV





"Shredded" Hollywood, CA. with Mila Kaladjurdjevic





"Shredded" Oahu, Hawaii





"Shredded" New York City, USA 





Adam Interviews and Cuts on Playboy Morning Show




Adam's Runway Show in Vladivostok, Russia





Adam in Milan, Italy with Miss Italia - Giulia Arena   





Adam on Korean TV (Lifestyle Cutting Documentary) 





"Shredded" Bel Air, USA





Heidi Klum Gets Cut By Adam For Us Weekly Cover 




Part 1- Adam Cuts Miss Hawaii USA on KITV 4 Morning News 





Part 2 - Adam Cuts Miss Hawaii USA on KITV 4 Morning News  





Part 1 - Adam Cuts Miss Hawaii USA on "Hawaii News Now"






Part 2 - Adam Cuts Miss Hawaii USA on "Hawaii News Now" 





Shakira Wears Adam's Body Suit In Official World Cup Video 






"Shredded" Mumbai, India





"Shredded" Cebu, Philippines





"Shredded" Koh Samui, Thailand




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