Cutting Tour Dates 2015



 May 30th Vladivostok, Russia - FINISHED

Pacific Style Week (Adam Saaks Runway Show 10pm)



May 31st Vladivostok, Russia - FINISHED

Master Class (Hollywood Hour with Adam Saaks "No Boundaries") 


June 21st Newport Beach, CA - FINISHED

Gala Benefiting T.A.P.S (Live cutting appearance 5pm)

July 18th Waikiki, Hawaii - FINISHED

Manor Night Club (Live cutting performance)



Aug. 31st - Sept. 2nd Milan, Italy - FINISHED

Italian Shoe Fair (Live cutting performance 12-5pm)




Sept. 8th Florence, Italy - FINISHED

Soccer halftime (Live cutting performance)

Sept. 9th Istanbul, Turkey - FINISHED

Turkish Television (Interview and live cutting performance) 



Sept. 26th - 27th Abu Dhabi, UAEFINISHED

The Galleria Mall (Live cutting appearance)

Oct. 4th - 5th Belgium - FINISHED

(Live cutting appearance) 



Oct. 13th Seoul, Korea - FINISHED

Starking TV Show  (Interview and live cutting performance)




Oct. 15th - 17th Dubai, UAEFINISHED 

(Live cutting performances) 

Oct. 18th Moscow, Russia - FINISHED

(Master class and live cutting performance)



Dec. 9th Dubai, UAE - FINISHED

Cavalli Club (Live cutting performance)



Dec. 12th - 14th Bangkok, ThailandFINISHED

(Live cutting performances for three day festival)



March 25th - 29th Maimi, Florida - FINISHED 

Winter Music Conference (Live cutting performances)



April 1st - 8th Dubai - FINISHED

XL Beach Club (Live cutting performance)



April 15th Vienna, Austria - FINISHED

Designer Awards 2015 (Live cutting appearance)




 April 21st - 24th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - FINISHED 

Nivea Ad Campaign ( Live cutting performance at launch)




April 25th - May 2nd Koh Samui, Thailand - FINISHED 

Filming Shredded episode 



May 5th Bermuda Island - FINISHED 

"Swimsuitsforall" Filming Shredded episode



May 9th Catalina Island, California - FINISHED 

Knuckles Swim in-store event (Live cutting performance)



May 22nd & 23rd Triggiano Bari, Italy - FINISHED

Mall Bariblu (Live cutting performance)

May 24th - June 3rd Rome, Italy - FINISHED

Filming webshow "Shredded"




June 16th - 24th Hong Kong - FINISHED 

Hong Kong Derby (Live cutting performances)



Hong Kong TV Show (Interview and performance)


 Hong Kong TV (Interview and performance)



June 26th Waikiki, Hawaii - FINISHED

(Live cutting performance) 



July 12th La Jolla, CA. - FINISHED

La Jolla Hat Show (Live cutting performance and Q & A)

Aug. 18th Vilnius, Lithuania - FINISHED

(Live TV interview and cutting performance)



Aug. 21st London, UK. - FINISHED

(Filming "Shredded" for Ypinion App)



Aug. 26th & 29th Valenciennes, France - FINISHED

Shopping Centre (Live cutting performances)



Sept. 19th Zurich, Switzerland - FINISHED

101 Wear Clothing (Live cutting performance for opening)



Nov. 6th Anaheim, California - FINISHED

Acer Event (Live cutting appearance 8-9pm)

April 11th Las Vegas, Nevada - UPCOMING

STK 5th year anniversary (Live cutting appearance)

May 7th Marrakesh, Morocco - NOT CONFIMRED

Marrakesh Fashion Week (Runway show and cutting performance)



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